Monday, August 31, 2015

My to-go lunch made with LOVE

I like to take my bento box when I need lunch.  Often I don't have time to go out and get what I like to eat, or it can be such a rush in a limited time.  Buying or eating out everyday is not the healthiest nor economical.  Also, it is such a distraction for me to think what I want to eat for lunch during work.

My homemade bento box lunch is easy, simple and quick but made with LOVE.

When I make my bento lunch in the morning, I feel that my self-dignity slightly goes up and I gain the sense of achievement - it is a good way of starting a day.  It satisfies me more than buying something.  I enjoy the color of the food, its simple beauty, and the fresh taste when eating from my Magewappa bento box.

Today's lunch was made in less than 15 min.  It was steamed rice and everything else was made in one frying pan.
- chickpea brown rice with black sesame
- egg rolls with green onion
- stirred shishito-pepper marinated with katsuo bonito flakes and soy sauce
- panfried king trumpet mushrooms with white sesame and sesame oil
- stirred red pepper with onions with garnish

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