Thursday, August 13, 2015

Embrace Your Towel Life with Imabari Towel

I can say a lot of great things about our Imabari Towel.  It is handsome, luxurious, yet functional.  Finely woven with the finest cotton, the touch is exceptionally soft and smooth - like silk, yet it is enduring in everyday use.  It looks beautiful and stylish, it is thin, light-weight and fast to dry, it absorbs water extremely well - it is a great travel accessory.

So what makes Imabari towel so different from other towels?

Imabari Towel is made in Imabari area in Shikoku island.

Not all the towels made in this area can be called as Imabari Towel.  There is a strict standard that you have to meet to be certified as 'Imabari Towel'.  There are a lot of components that the towel has to pass - durability by laundry, sweat and friction, and color fade rate etc.  Also, it has to absorb water within 5 seconds - thus Imabari Towel is SO absorbent.

But the top secret is water - towel making requires a lot of water - washing, dyeing, starching and desizing.  The Imabari area is rich in natural water from rivers and mountains that has very little heavy metal and is not hard - this soft, fresh water is the key.

The quality of towel is hugely affected by the quality of the water. The whiteness of the piles, the colors after dyeing, and the softness of the touch - all these benefit.  The naturally beautiful water imbues the fabric with extraordinary characteristics.  The blessing of nature creates the genuinely high quality of yarn that is woven into this magical towel.

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