Friday, August 21, 2015

Keeping Japanese tea fresh with the Sen Tea Leaf Container

Tea is the most common drink in Japan. We drink tea everyday. Although we drink many different kinds of tea, most of the tea we make in Japan is green tea: sen-cha, maccha, houji-cha, ten-cha, kabuse-cha, kuki-cha, genmai-cha, ban-cha etc. They are all green tea.

Japanese loose tea is very delicate. It changes its quality by temperature and light, and it is easily affected by the scent surround it.  Therefore, it is important to preserve it well.

I recommend to finish the tea in a few weeks or a month after your purchase. If it's not open yet, I normally keep it in the freezer to avoid the leaves absorbing scents from other foods.

After it's open, this container will do a great job of keeping the leaves fresh in a beautiful way.  

It is made of Japanese Sen wood, hand-shaped from a block of the tree. Since the surface is left unfinished, the Sen wood breathes. The wood adjusts the moisture and dryness of the environment. It has an inner lid which fits perfectly and it keeps out the moisture.  

It is quite light, so you can take it to the office, park or hiking with you to have a nice tea time anywhere. You can use different size according to the need - I like to put my maccha tea powder in the smallest one.

They are all designed to have the same height, so are stackable and beautiful to display them together.

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