Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Experience the diverse programs at Japan Society!

For over 100 years, Japan Society has provided high quality activities that reflect the traditional and contemporary culture of Japan.
The current building opened in 1971 and was designated as a historically important landmark from New York city in 2011.  It is an elegant but comfortable space with a beautiful Japanese indoor garden.

Photo by Peter Aaron/Esto

The building was designed by the renowned Japanese architect, Junzo Yoshimura, who also designed numerous sites such as Nara National Museum, and Tawaraya - the finest Japanese inn (ryokan) in Kyoto.

Photo courtesy of New York City Landmarks Preservation Committee

The inside is furnished with a superb collection of furniture by George Nakashima - I was so excited to find and try some of his great pieces when I was there!

Bench designed by George Nakashima
Photo courtesy of Japan So

Photo courtesy of Japan Society

If you wish to learn Japanese language but cannot actually visit there to take classes, Japan Society provides many Japanese language programs online.  Wakuwaku Japanese teaches the conversation Japanese from a basic to a more advanced level.  You can learn a lot of vocabulary in an amusing way.  If you are a food lover, Japan in the Kitchen teaches the ingredients that are peculiar to Japanese cuisine and how to use them at home!

And last but not least, this year's performing arts season is starting soon! Check out their marvelous programs here!

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