Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mizuhiki Scent Holder - KohBukuro

From a cultural city on the coast of the Japan Sea, Kanazawa, this jewel-shaped scent holder makes for a beautiful room decoration.

The variety of colors brightens the room and their aroma gently pervades the room.  A bag of wood scent, kohboku, a strong, natural wood aroma, comes with each holder and is placed inside.

They are hand-woven with just three threads of Mizuhiki - the Japanese Washi paper - together.

 The form is made of continuous organic patterns called 'awaji musubi', which means auspiciousness; the intricate pattern is made by the crossings of the simple strings.  The crossing pattern also refers to the encounter with people; there are certain people we come across with in our life.  The pattern conveys the message to cherish the long-lasting relationship between them.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Ojami Style

Ojami cushion is a cute decoration on the sofa and bed, but also it is very helpful in various scenes in life.

My recent favorite is to place it on my lap when using a computer.  By having a little height, my posture becomes upright and I get less tired.

At meditation, the firmness of Ojami helps me to sit comfortably and have quiet time. 

Of course, it is great on my back on the sofa and chair.  My back is much happier when I am with Ojami.