Monday, July 14, 2014

Magewappa + Butter = Joy

Have you ever had a hard time dealing with butter?  You know, when it gets too hard in the fridge to easily shave off a piece.  Use this magical Magewappa box as your new butter container.  

In the fridge, butter is preserved at just the right hardness - not too hard, not too soft.  The unvarnished cedar breathes and balances the moisture and dryness inside.  You will not have any difficulty cutting a piece from the block anymore.  When ready to eat on the table, the butter is in just the right condition to be shaved off.  

There is a special butter knife that comes with the box, which allows getting all the butter out of box, even from the edge.  It also fits perfectly in the box.  Add this box to the table to have a pleasant start to the day. Find more details of this handmade butter dish, Magewappa here!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Delicious lunch time with Magewappa Bento box.

This wooden bento lunch box, Magewappa makes your lunch beautiful and delicious.  You can simply put fruits and vegetables or you can try some traditional Japanese bentos.

They are Magewappa Koban Chu Box (Oval box medium) or Stackable Tenohira Nidan box (Stackable two layers box).  You can use just one box or use two boxes depending on your appetite on the day or when you have friends to share with.  You can also put rice in one box and vegetables and meat in the other box.

 The natural cedar wood adjusts the humidity in the box and keeps the rice and the food really fresh and tasty.  This is a magical box that treats your eyes and palate in a simple and beautiful way.