Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Warm up winter with chai in a Ricotta Pan

Coming of winter season - I love making my homemade chai with this Ricotta Pan.

What is special about this pan?  Well, first of all, it is absolutely beautiful - it is called 'banko' pottery from Mie prefecture which is famous for its high quality clay soil.  The plain form conveys the natural beauty of this soil.  When in use, it gently and gradually heats the contents.  The clay preserves heat quite well, so whatever is heated up stays warm for a long time while it is in this pan.

Have you had the experience of spilling water when pouring it into a cup?  This pan's unique shape stops that from happening!

The surface is finished in matt-texture, and this gives the pan beauty and warmness.  The combination of pottery and wood that goes into this pan requires great skill, but is possible because of the detailed and careful handwork of the craftspeople who make them.

I like to take it to the table and serve it there, leaving it for my second cup.  It is such a treat to take time and have tea with this special pot.

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