Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Let's make a seasonal lunch with Magewappa bento box

It is already December!

In Japan, in my home city, Kyoto, it is the peak of the red maple.  People visit gardens in the temples and shrines to see the beauty and the change of the color that the Japanese maples show to us in this season.  

Yes, we can still do picnic.  Take a warm jacket, hot drink, and Magewappa bento box to enjoy it under the trees.  What a great way to enjoy the season!  Or if it's indoor, would you like to try bento box like this to bring the season to the room?

This is called 3-colors crumbles bento - or soboro bento in Japanese.  On the top of cooked rice, there normally are minced stirred chicken or pork, scramble eggs, and a kind of green vegetables to make it to three colors.  Once you are used to it, it is not troublesome, but nutritious and yummy!

The beauty to the eyes is the additional but foremost benefit of having this bento box.
First you please the eyes by appreciating it, and then please the tongue by tasting it.  It is surprising that even the simple food impresses and satisfies you just because it is in this special box.

You can shape the boiled carrots with the cookie cutter of maple shape to enhance the feeling of the season.  The bento cooking becomes an creative art.  

This soboro bento and photos are done by my friend photographer and food blogger, Nao Kondo.  Thanks to Nao for your beautiful works!

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