Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Miso-Making Workshop in San Francisco!

I am currently based in San Francisco, which is filled with foodies!  I have been pleasantly surprised to find that so many people are open to new kinds of food, even if sometimes it sounds a little strange at the first encounter.  Also, they are very much conscious about the impact that fresh food gives to people in the body and the heart.

My friend, Mariko, runs the company, Aeden which makes the Japanese fermented foods from fresh organic ingredients.  As I introduced the Japanese fermented foods and the power of Koji in my last blog, Miso is such a nutritious superfood.  But the fresher the ingredients are, the more nutrition and energy you get from these active fungus.

There was a Miso-making workshop by her at 18 Reasons the other day.  All the tickets were sold out and there are many curious San Franciscans who came to try their first hand-made Miso-making.

The ingredients of Miso is simple; cooked soybeans, rice Koji and salt.  You mash the soybeans and mix it with Koji and salt.  The key to make good Miso is to exclude air from the mixture and keep the container air free.  Simple recipe, but requires that you put your heart into it.

The rest of work is left to Koji, and your work is to wait at least for 6 months!

Mariko's miso has great flavor.  It is because she takes care of her products with love, and only makes a small batch at a time to keep the quality.  You can check more details on her site here.
Have a healthy happy life feeling the genuine power of food!

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