Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mizuhiki Scent Holder - KohBukuro

From a cultural city on the coast of the Japan Sea, Kanazawa, this jewel-shaped scent holder makes for a beautiful room decoration.

The variety of colors brightens the room and their aroma gently pervades the room.  A bag of wood scent, kohboku, a strong, natural wood aroma, comes with each holder and is placed inside.

They are hand-woven with just three threads of Mizuhiki - the Japanese Washi paper - together.

 The form is made of continuous organic patterns called 'awaji musubi', which means auspiciousness; the intricate pattern is made by the crossings of the simple strings.  The crossing pattern also refers to the encounter with people; there are certain people we come across with in our life.  The pattern conveys the message to cherish the long-lasting relationship between them.

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