Thursday, April 16, 2015

One-of-a-kind pieces of Asuta's pottery

I love Asuta's pottery as each of his creations expresses his joy.  He creates his works in the Saitama prefecture country-side.  Having grown up in busy Tokyo, now he enjoys making his pottery in a quiet and spacious environment.

His works, like other Japanese pottery, change and deepen their color over time as they are used.  This is because the soil and clay have tiny bit of air inside.  Because it is a natural material, over time, the fluid contents seep into the clay and give it a distinct look.  People enjoy this subtle change as the piece becomes unique to them.

His works are simple but not plain.  The size, touch, and fit are all well thought out, but the works have the momentum of creation.  They are used everyday for a wide variety of things: breakfast, coffee, evening shots, and dinner.  Their chic look enhances the taste of food that they contain.

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