Thursday, February 5, 2015

Imabari Towel

These Towels from Imabari take towel-making to the highest level of artistry - they are beautiful, smooth, soft to touch; are exceptionally absorbent, extremely thin, light, and dry quickly.

Imabari is known for its towels, each is finely and carefully woven in Shikoku island in Japan.  They are delightful at bath time and smart for travel and beach.  With innovative design and technique, they come with two kinds of natural dyed colors and in two patterns.

The calming gray is from Binchotan charcoal; the thread has the charcoal fiber that is woven together.  It is deodorizing, so it keeps fresh at every wash.  The gentle salmon pink is from the dye of Bengara red colcothar, which is the oldest color in history and has been used since the Stone Age.  It is found in the soil of the earth - the color of the mother nature.  Both colors are available in patterns of the refreshing stripes and the charming plaids.
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