Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Shibori Fabric in many ways

This cloth was dyed to make a Japanese summer kimono called yukata.  I visited his studio in spring, by now I imagine that it is already a yukata being worn by a lady walking on the streets of Kyoto.  

Like I wrote earlier, his main work is kimono-dyeing.  Here are his kimonos and other creations!

This Summer kimono called Yukata dyed by him is in an advert that promotes people to wear it more often in daily life.  It says that you can get discounts at museums, cafes, and on public transportation in Kyoto if you wear Yukata.

He showed me some photos in a Japanese TV guide, where the main actor and the actress are in his dyed fabric.  This is for the Japanese historical Samurai TV drama which is very popular in Japan.  When I saw this, it was like 'Wow!  Is this the person who did the costumes for them!'

This is a sun umbrella which fabric was dyed by him.  It has turquoise polka dots outside and you find fireflies or a planetarium inside.  Very pretty!

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