Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Takaokaya: Ojami and Gorone-roll Portable Futon, made with heart and soul

Kyoto, the ancient capital, with more than 1,200 years of history,was the seat of the imperial household. Artists and artisans all over Japan honed their art and craft in hopes of
being able to move to Kyoto and vie to serve the aristocracy and ultimately, the emperor. Refined craftsmanship is deeply ingrained in both the DNA of Kyoto and Takaokaya, a maker of Ojami and Gorone-roll Portable Futon.

Takaokaya is a producer of handmade zabuton cushions and futon bedding in Kyoto.  Their history started in 1919 as a futon manufacturing company.  Since then, by making futon and zabuton which are essential for the Japanese life, Takaokaya has been strived for creating comfortable home life for the people.

In front of their old building in Kyoto in early 20th century.
Their artisans have the equivalent of several centuries of experience handcrafting relaxing zabuton and futons.  Each item is literally made by hand.  Even today, the only machine you will find in their workshop is a sewing machine!

Koichiro Takaoka, Takaokaya’s third generation owner, says “People in Japan, are re-evaluating their lifestyles and what matters most to them. While mass production has brought benefits, something is missing. That is heart and soul. If we use products with heart and soul, then our lives will be made much, much richer and more meaningful!”

Try their Ojami cushion and Gorone-roll Portable Futon, and you will experience that his word is true!


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