Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My encounter with a teapot, designed by Studio GALA

This is my personal story.

I first encountered the design of Studio GALA at a shop in Tokyo when I was still living in Kyoto.  At that time I was staying in Tokyo for just one month to search myself, not knowing what I would do in the future.  I saw a small Japanese red teapot made from Tokoname clay.  I fell in love with its appearance; simple, modern, dignified but modest.

The shop was one hour away from where I stayed, but I went back it to see the pot again and again.  I had no job and I had used almost all my savings during the stay in Tokyo, so it was not something that I could buy on a whim.  One month later, after so many changes happened to my life, I found myself having started working in Tokyo.  The job was somehow much closer to what I originally wished to do - to work closely to people's home life -, although it came to me by chance.  I felt that my life was now back on track.

Moving to Tokyo was fairly big adventure for me, more so than to move to Paris.  It was just after I finished the 5-month trainee period that I visited the shop again to see if the pot was still there.  I found it and this time I could finally buy it and take it to my small flat with me.  Since then, I use it to have a cup of tea for myself, or with loved one on a quiet Sunday morning.  I use it as my Japanese tea ceremony pot when I have a small tea ceremony with friends.

I like the pot all the time, and I like to have it in my life.  It reminds me of a sour and bitter time when I started my new stage of life, but more so, it brings me back to peaceful state of myself.  When I saw the pot for the first time, I never imagined that I would create this website to introduce this pot worldwide.  But now I feel that this is what I have been looking for and I am very happy with this.

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