Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Magewappa Master 2 - Interaction with the heart

This is the continuation of Magewappa Master Part 1.

Yoshinobu Shibata shows up in his daily uniform: traditional Japanese sandals and the toolbox that he has used for his entire life.  He sets up his 'studio' in a small area at a fancy department store and starts making a Magewappa box quietly.

Shoppers notice his presence, look at what he is doing and ask questions.  He loves to talk to people, and once he gets the opportunity, he happily starts describing his work in the tone of an old 'granpa'.

In today's Japan, this is often how people in cities encounter Japanese traditional crafts and arts.  They learn of the skill and of the value of the fine handmade art in Japanese culture, which is not easily found in city life.  His easy manner makes people feel like listening to him and they are drawn into his world.

When Japan grew rapidly in 60's and 70's, a lot of Japanese people left their rural homes and moved to big cities for work.  Many of us who were born after that were cut off from the local craft culture, and handmade crafts were replaced by plastics.

He talks not just about his products, but also stories of old Japan, culture and how to have a happy family life.

He asks whether you eat with your family everyday, talks about how rice put in a Magewappa is so delicious that family members will come home early to eat it in time.  Having a family meal everyday should be a fundamental thing, but sadly, a lot of Japanese people cannot have this in their busy lives.  It's not just a product demo - People feel uplifted after watching and listening to him to speak.  

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